The Winter Garden - Solar Coldframe Greenhouse

Your Solar Home <br> The Winter Garden <br> Solar Coldframe Greenhouse
Your Solar Home
The Winter Garden
Solar Coldframe Greenhouse
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Your Solar Home <br> The Winter Garden <br> Solar Coldframe Greenhouse
The Winter Garden - Solar Coldframe Greenhouse

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The Winter Garden is hand crafted and designed for harsh weather including wind, rain and snow.

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A cold frame greenhouse utilizes solar energy and insulation to create a microclimate within your garden.
For those of you who have harvested and eaten a salad of fresh greens in February or have flowers blooming well past frost, a cold frame greenhouse is ideal.

The soil will dry out more quickly inside the cold frame than outside, so be sure to keep the soil moist. Keep in mind that more plants die of excessive heat and drought in cold frames than from cold damage. Proper ventilation is critical for cool-season plants.

Perfect for offseason growing of vegetables and herbs. The insulated coldframe is an enclosed system with automatic ventilation via a solar panel, thermocouple (sensor) and fan. This allows for ventilation without having the lift the lid.

A great choice for someone who wants to grow plants but does not have space for a complete greenhouse. The lid is a very tough 16 mm polycarbonate double wall UV grade lid. The system allows for the ability to grow your own food independent of where you may live or work. It can be located in your backyard, patio or roof top terrace.

* Note: The Solar Coldframe is professionally hand crafted and built to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Solar Tax Credit: You may be eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credits when you purchase and install a solar air heater. Please visit the following U.S. Government website for details:

* Due to packaging constraints the Solar Coldframe Kit will ship using a certified motor freight carrier
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* Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery
* Truck delivery w/ Hydraulic Lift Gate
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* Dimensions 40" W x 72" L x 28" H,br> * Insulation (floor) Polyiso 1 " R8.5
* Walls: Plywood 3/4"
* Underneath - Bottom: 6mm Polytarp for moisture protection
* Fan: DC Solar Powered 5" with 20C (68F) Sensor
* Lid: 16 mm Polycarbonate UV grade indestructible
* Weight: 125 pounds (approximate)

President - Todd Kirkpatrick "Your Solar Home"
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