SL15 - Solar Navigation Light

Sealite <br> SL15 - 2 NM<br>Solar Navigation Light <br>Internal On/Off Switch
SL15 - 2 NM
Solar Navigation Light
Internal On/Off Switch
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Sealite <br> SL15 - 2 NM<br>Solar Navigation Light <br>Internal On/Off Switch
Sealite SL15 - 1-2NM+ - Solar Navigation Light
Internal On/Off Switch

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Designed for harsh Freshwater and Saltwater Environments - Commercial Grade!

The marine light features the Sealite LED 360 Omni Directional Reflector.
The SL15 has a rotary switch to allow users to change the flash character of the light.

The solar light has an LED visibility rating of 1-2 NM + (nautical miles).
Complies with the US Coast Guard requirements 33 CFR part 66.

LED colors available: red, green, white or yellow. The solar marine light is designed for
buoys, harbor entrances, navigation lights, marine docks and piers.

Rugged waterproof seal and capable of prolonged and deep immersion (IP68).
The LED can be set either a constant or flashing mode.

* Tough, lightweight Lexan polycarbonate case
* Automatically turns On at Dusk and Off at Dawn
* Rechargeable - Replaceable NiMH battery pack included
* 15 LED flash codes available (user-adjustable)
* 4 User-adjustable intensity settings
* Built-in bird deterrant spike
* Life expectancy up to 12 years with battery replacement every 5 years (approximately)
* Full 3 year non pro-rated warranty
* LED can be set to either Constant or Flashing Mode
* Internal On/Off Switch - Accessed by unscrewing the bottom plate.
* Free Shipping within the Continental USA
* Global Shipping available, shipping charges would apply
* 24/7 Technical Support: 603-247-0501

* Internal Solar Module
* Horizontal Output: 360 Degrees
* Vertical Divergence: 9 Degrees
* Battery service life: 5 + years
* Material: Lexan polycarbonate - UV stabilized
* Lens Diameter: 4 1/4"
* Dimensions: 5 1/2" H x 5 3/8" W
* Weight: 1.8 lbs
* Three Year Manufacturers Warranty

Sealite - SL15 Technical Data Sheet

Sealite - SL15 Installation Instructions