SLC310 - Solar LED Marine Lantern

Sealite<br>SLC310 / 3-5 NM+ <br>Solar LED Marine Lantern
SLC310 / 3-5 NM+
Solar LED Marine Lantern
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Sealite<br>SLC310 / 3-5 NM+ <br>Solar LED Marine Lantern
Sealite - SLC310 - 3-5NM+ - Solar LED Marine Lantern

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The solar marine LED has a visibility rating of 3-5 Nautical Miles.

Four (4) premium-grade solar modules are integrated into the assembly, and mounted to collect sunlight
at all angles. The unit is made from cast aluminum, subject to 7-stage powder-coating in high visibility
IALA colors for daytime recognition.

The solar marine navigation lantern is IP68 waterproof - designed specifically to endure a wide range of harsh
marine saltwater environmental conditions including continual immersion. The LED's can be set to constant or flashing.

The solar array charges an internal 7.5Ah battery during daylight hours, and at dusk the light will automatically begin operation. The unit is capable of producing any of 256 IALA recommended flash characters - field-adjustable without
the need for ancillary equipment.

* Visibility: 3-5NM+ range
* Single LED with extraordinary power to light output efficiency
* LED can be set to Constant or Flashing
* The LED has 256 user adjustable IALA flash Modes
* 4 user adjustable intensity setting
* IR programmable
* Fitted with GPS as standard for flash synchronisation
* Large replaceable SLA battery with 6 year design life
* Heavy-duty aluminium construction
* Large 200mm OD bolt pattern base
* IP68 waterproof
* Tough, lightweight LEXAN polycarbonate lens
* Body is 7-stage powder-coated aluminum
* Replaceable sealed lead acid battery pack
* 20 ultra high intensity LEDs
* Life expectancy up to 12 years with battery replacement every 5 years (approximately)
* Full 3 year non pro-rated warranty * Free Shipping within the Continental USA
* Global Shipping available, shipping charges would apply

* On/Off Switch: The SLC310 is available with an Internal or External On/Off switch.
The internal on/off switch is accessed by unscrewing the bottom plate.
The external on/off switch is in plain view. (Choose from the drop down menu above)

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Sealite - SLC310 Technical Data Sheet