Solar Barge Light

Sealite  BargeSafe <br>Solar Barge Light <br>  2NM
Sealite BargeSafe
Solar Barge Light
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Sealite  BargeSafe <br>Solar Barge Light <br>  2NM
Sealite BargeSafe - Solar Barge Light

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Designed for harsh Freshwater and Saltwater environments!

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The solar barge light visibility is rated for 2 nautical miles. The solar light has a single high-powered
White LED and compliant to UL 1104 and COLREG-72 standards. The world-class LED lens is designed
and manufactured by Sealite.

Made from tough, durable polycarbonate and using the latest high-intensity LEDs. The uniquely-designed
lens has an incredibly low power consumption. The light can be installed in minutes, and requires no operator intervention. External On/Off switch for easy storage.

The sealed battery compartment allows the battery to be replaced after years of service.

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* LED Color: White, Green or Red
* Visibility: 2 Nautical Miles
* Single high-powered intensity LED
* 12v - 8ah Rechargeable - Battery Included
* 12v - 16ah Battery available - add an additional $49.00 per light
* Large internal solar module
* Certified to UL 1104 & COLREG-72 photometrics
* Precise light sectoring achieved via Sealite's world-class lens - White 135°
* Automatically turns On at Dusk and Off at Dawn
* External On/Off switch
* Designed for saltwater environments / IP68 waterproof
* Dimensions: 4.7/8" H x 9.1/8" W
* Lens Diameter: 5.7/8"
* Weight: 2.1/4 lbs
* Three Year Manufacturers Warranty
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