Monticello - Interlocking - Skid Proof - Floor Kits

Monticello Greenhouse<br> Interlocking - Skid Proof <br>Floor Kits<br> 4' x 8'
Monticello Greenhouse
Interlocking - Skid Proof
Floor Kits
4' x 8'
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Monticello Greenhouse<br> Interlocking - Skid Proof <br>Floor Kits<br> 4' x 8'
Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse - Interlocking - Skid Proof - Floor Kits

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The Interlocking flooring kits are designed to cover the interior floors of the Monticello Patio Greenhouse.

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Available in 6 colors. Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Tan and Grey. Please choice your color from the drop down menu above. The flooring is made from recycled materials, is extremely durable and is “mesh” in design allowing for a drainable floor surface. Each square is 22" x 22" and can be easily snapped together and broken into 3 inch squares for custom fitting.

Where safety is important, the versatile flooring is anti-slip and is idea for wet areas. The tile system has an innovative patent and the underpinning provides support while the flow-through design allows air and water to flow through quickly and easily, so areas stay safe, clean, and bacteria-free.

The tiles are flexible and easily assembled with the interlocking design. The flooring system is easily moved and once connected can also be rolled up as a single unit for cleaning or storage. The RSI – Interlocking Flooring System (IFS) is a revolutionary matting made from recycled materials that creates a versatile, drainable floor surface.

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* Colors: Green, Gray, Blue, Black, Brown, Tan
* Designed for the 4' x 8' Monticello Patio Greenhouse
* Each square is 22" x 22" x .5"
* Created with sturdy and reliable interlocking modules
* Ideal for creating an anti-slip drainage mat that provides safe footing in wet areas of your greenhouse
* Can be customized by 3” breakoff square segment
* With its small holes design walking on it is easy
* 100% regenerated polypropylene (HDPE)
* Package includes 10 floor tiles