GENESIS LED Powered - Grow Light System - 384 LED's

Riverstone<br> GENESIS LED Powered <br>Grow Light System <br>384 LED's - 6 Rows
Grow Light System
384 LED's - 6 Rows
Item# RSI-GL600
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Riverstone<br> GENESIS LED Powered <br>Grow Light System <br>384 LED's - 6 Rows
Riverstone - GENESIS LED Powered - Grow Light System / 384 LED's - 6 Rows

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The GENESIS lighting system by is one of the most powerful LED grow lights on the market today.

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With 384 High Power LEDs, RSI-GL600 easily replaces any 1000W or HID (High Intensity Discharge)
lights and produces a superior yield and higher quality flowers. The RSI-GL600 high power LED grow lights feature a simple plug-n-play installation. And, like our entire line of full spectrum LED lights, the RSI-GL600 uses very low electricity, just 125 watts (1000watt HID comparison), and generates little to no heat which is a huge benefit when growing in a greenhouse which is already sensitive to temperature controls.

Our lights do not require external fans or other heat dissipating devices to make our grow lights run as cool as they do. The low wattage, low heat aspect of these lights yields considerable energy savings over other LED grow lights.

Designed by electrical engineers based upon the principles developed by NASA to grow plants in space, our RSI Grow Lights produce a higher quality spectrum of light for superior growth and vegetation.

The RSI-GL600 contains 384 High Power LEDs, drawing an actual 125 watts! The RSI-GL600 more than replaces
any 1000W HPS or MH producing a superior yield and higher quality flowers. This is the perfect light for smaller grows where itís important to save space without sacrificing light quality or intensity.

The additional of controlled light will increase product yield time. In about 8 weeks you can grow from seed to crop all your favorite vegetables. The lighting wavelength has been designed to affect the growth ability of ALL crops from vegetables, herbs, and flowers. It is a perfect complement to hydroponic growing as well.

An educated grower will know the cost benefit of using our RSI grow lights. Depending on crops, the system will pay for itself in as little as 1 growth cycle per plant. This is a professional grow light system that can be used for home growers as well. Set up is simple, take it out of the box, hook it up to the desired height about crop, plug it in, and turn it on. It is that simple.

* GENESIS LED Powered Grow Light System - 6 LED Rows
* 384 LED Diodes
* Portable design
* Enables both the growth and flowering stages in plants
* Covers 16 square feet (approx. 12 plants)
* Designed by Electrical Engineers
* Plug in and go - no switches, buttons, or fans
* Will last for over 50,000 activation hours
* 3 Year Manufactures Warranty
* Ships in one box

Technical Data
* Material: Metal
* Color: White
* 120V/60HZ/104VA/.87AMPS
* 125 watts = 1000 watt HID comparison
* Dimensions: 25.125" x 15.125 x 6.5"
* Weight: 16lbs