Genesis Greenhouse Dripper Kit

Riverstone <br>Genesis <br>Greenhouse Dripper Kit
Greenhouse Dripper Kit
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Riverstone <br>Genesis <br>Greenhouse Dripper Kit
Riverstone - Genesis Greenhouse Dripper Kit

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The Genesis dripper kit is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Hobby greenhouse grower.

The Drip Irrigation System was created for gardeners and growers who are looking to conserve water
consumption by delivering the right amount of water directly to the root system of the plants.

Each of the Genesis Drip Irrigation Systems are designed for specific projects to make it easier to select
the system that is right for you. Genesis also offers additional accessories to allow for the grower to customize
their own system to fit their own personal needs.

This Genesis kit is actually 2 kits in 1. The first part of the kit includes 48 drippers designed for container
and planter growing. The second part of this kit includes 4 misting sprinklers designed to increase the humidity
level inside of your greenhouse. Our kit is designed to cover up to an 8ft x 24ft greenhouse and up to
48ft long greenhouses for single watering options.

For larger greenhouses, additional kits can be connected together to gain additional coverage. The design is customizable and expandable.

* Easy to assemble and customize
* Includes 48 drippers for container/ planters (12 sets of 4)
* Includes 4 misting sprinklers for humidity
* Includes 48ft of hose for water supply
* Includes pressure regulator
* No tools required
* Includes Quick connect to water hose
* Connects directly to water hose with some assembly required
* Complete GREENHOUSE watering system in a box
* Designed by growers
* Made in Israel since 1906