Composting Sack - 60 Gallons

Riverstone <br> Portable Composting Sack <br>60 Gallons
Portable Composting Sack
60 Gallons
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Riverstone <br> Portable Composting Sack <br>60 Gallons
Riverstone - Portable Composting Sack - 60 Gallons

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Riverstone's Portable composters are simple with no assembly required, affordable, and compact.
Our composters are made from not-rotting materials, that should last for years.

The Composter Sack Composting System is the cost-effective, easy way to create compost right in the comfort of your own backyard with your family. This Composter Sack works like other hard sided composting bins - you put in your nitrogen and carbon rich materials, turn them from time to time, and let them decompose and turn into fresh, rich, black gold for your lawn and garden.

The composter has over a 60 gal. capacity. The key to the Composting Sack is the rot-proof outer material that allows for air circulation and moisture to enter the Sack. The inner liner helps to keep the moisture inside the sack, which is a key component of composting. The design also helps to keep odor down. The dark black color attracts heat which helps to speed up the composting and decomposition process.

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* Portable - fits inside an average shoe box
* Easy to use - set-up takes under 1 minute
* Holds over 60 gal. of composting material
* Made from rot-proof material - weather proof
* Custom pull cord locking system
* Depth 28" x Height 34" x Width 28"
* Exterior Color: Black
* 5 year limited manufactures warranty