Maze Compost Tumbler - 2-Stage - 65 Gal

MAZE <br>65 Gallon<br>Two Stage Compost Tumbler<br> w/Cart
65 Gallon
Two Stage Compost Tumbler
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MAZE <br>65 Gallon<br>Two Stage Compost Tumbler<br> w/Cart
MAZE - Two Stage Compost Tumbler - w/Cart / 65 Gal

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The MAZE Two Stage Tumbler composter is ideal for continuous composting.

The large 65 gallon capacity is divided into two sections allowing for new compost material to be added to a fresh
and empty bin while the first bin is making compost. The easy to crank ratcheted handle allows for one-way cranking. The geared ratio on the handle allows for easy movement even when completely filled.

The UV protected high impact plastic is designed to last for years and the large clearance underneath the solid metal frame allows for the optional Universal compost cart to easily fit underneath so that the compost can be removed easily and relatively mess free. Durable, lightweight cart included.

* Large clearance area underneath to allow for easy unloading
* Ratched locking handle
* Geared handle which allows for easy turning of composter, even when fully loaded
* 65 gallon capacity
* Adjustable built in air vents
* Durable framework designed not to rust over time
* Sliding dual loading/ unloading doors
* Rodent Resistant
* One Year Warranty

Technical Data
* Color: Black
* Body High impact UV stable Plastic
* Frame Powder coated Black Metal
* Composter Dimensions: 41.3" W x 30" D x 44.5" H
* 65 gal. capacity
* Compost cart: 25.6" W x 22.8" D x 35" H / 12 gal. capacity