The Phoenix Generator - All-In-One Solar Kit

Renogy  <br> The Phoenix Generator 20W <br>All-In-One Solar Kit
The Phoenix Generator 20W
All-In-One Solar Kit
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Renogy  <br> The Phoenix Generator 20W <br>All-In-One Solar Kit
Renogy - The Phoenix Generator 20W - All-In-One Solar Kit

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The portable solar power system is specifically designed for mobile, off-grid applications.

With the Phoenix Portable Solar Generator, you won't have to compromise your power needs just to spend some time in the great outdoors! Enjoy the best of both worlds with power made portable by Renogy.

This compact, lightweight backup generator combines two highly efficient Renogy 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panels and can expand up to 120 watts with additional PVs. The Phoenix can be charged by Solar, AC power, or Car. The Phoenix is ideal for powering several on-the-go appliances during a weekend trip, or to keep for back-up power in case of an emergency.

A 3W - LED Multi Mode flashlight is built-in to the side of the case for convenience. The LED light can be used as a flashlight or as an emergency beacon. The charger has USB and AC connections and comes with a carrying handle for convenience. The charger is exceptionally lightweight and portable.

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* One Year Warranty
* LCD display showing battery capacity, errors, and DC/AC load
* AC and DC output buttons allow for easy switching between the two output modes
* Various outputs for different devices
* Portable: Compact case with a carrying handle
* Designed for mobile, off-grid applications
* Includes a 3W LED flashlight on the side with two modes, lighting and SOS
* Charging: Solar, Car and AC power

Phoenix Solar Charging Kit Includes
* The Renogy Phoenix - 20W All-in-One Solar Kit
* Renogy CIG to DC Adaptor Cord
* Renogy 5.5mm DC to Light Bulb Socket
* Renogy MC4 to DC Adaptor Cord
* Renogy AC Power Adaptor Cord

Phoenix Specifications
* DC Input: Solar, CIG Adaptor
* Charging Temperature Range 0~45C
* DC PV Input Voltage Range: 17-30VDC
* Operation Temperature Range -20~60C
* Cooling: Fan and Convection
* Max Cigarette Socket Input DC Current: 3A
* Industrial Design Material: ABS, PC and Aluminum
* Dimensions: 16.14 x 13.77 x 3.89 inches
* Weight: 12.78 lbs
* Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
* Battery Type: Replaceable - Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
* Over Temperature Protection: Yes
* Short Protection:Yes
* Low Voltage Protection:Yes
* Cigarette Socket:12V 12.5A

Phoenix Solar Generator - User Manual

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