Rover 40 Amp - MPPT - Solar Charge Controller

Renogy <br>Rover 40 Amp - MPPT<br> Solar Charge Controller / w/MT-50
Rover 40 Amp - MPPT
Solar Charge Controller / w/MT-50
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Renogy <br>Rover 40 Amp - MPPT<br> Solar Charge Controller / w/MT-50
Renogy - Rover 40 Amp - MPPT - Solar Charge Controller /w/MT-50

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Meet the latest addition to the Renogy Traveler series - The Rover MPPT Charge Controller.

The Rover is a Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller, also known as an “MPPT Controller” and features up to 99% tracking efficiency. In the event of system faults or other errors, the 40A Rover can self-diagnose itself with error codes, which conveniently appear on the LCD display screen.

Like many other MPPT Charge Controllers, the Rover features 4-stage charging: bulk, boost, float, and equalization. This charge controller is compatible with sealed, flooded, and lead acid deep cycle batteries. The included cables allow for remote monitoring and measurement of battery temperature.

The exterior of the controller is composed of die-cast aluminum for safe heat dissipation and general protection from wear and tear. Travel wisely with a 40A Rover MPPT Charge Controller.

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Key Features
* Automatically detects 12V/24V DC system voltages
* Innovative MPPT technology with high tracking efficiency up to 99%
* Error code detection for easy self diagnoses
* Compatible with multiple battery types (Gel,Sealed,Flooded and Lithium)
* 4-stage charging: Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization
* LCD screen with programmable charging parameters
* Die-cast aluminum design for heat dissipation
* The capability of measuring the battery's temperature and remote monitoring with included cables
* One Year Manufactures Warranty

Technical Data
* Rated Battery Current: 40A
* Rated Load Current: 20A
* Max. PV Input Short Current: 50A
* Max. Battery Voltage: 32V
* Max Solar Input Voltage: 100VDC
* Charge circuit voltage drop: 0.26V
* Discharge circuit voltage drop: 0.15V
* Working Temperature: -35°C to +45°C
* Max Terminal Size: 8AWG
* Rated Load Current: 10% to 90% NC
* Dimension: 9.37" x 6.81" x 2.85"
* Weight: 4.41 lbs

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