Palram Greenhouse Plant Hangers

Palram Greenhouse <br>Plant Hangers<br> (10-Pack)
Palram Greenhouse
Plant Hangers
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Palram Greenhouse <br>Plant Hangers<br> (10-Pack)
Palram Greenhouse Plant Hangers (10-Pack)

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During checkout, the quantity of one equals ten plant hangers.

Simply insert the Plant Hanger clips into roof rafter channels and twist to install.
Can also be used to install shade cloth or to support your vine crops.

Designed to fit all Palrams Mythos, Hybrid, Essence, Snap - Grow, Glory, Americana and Chalet Greenhouses.
The Plant Hangers kit can be used to string up your vegetables, hang irrigation tubing or suspend
a pot or hanging basket. Easy to install and very durable!

Simply insert the hangers into the aluminum frame channels and twist for secure installation.
The plant hangers can also clip into the separately-sold Palram Heavy Duty Shelf Kit for more
suspension options in your nursery.

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Plant Hanger Features
* Fits all Palram Greenhouses
* Can also be used to attach Palram shade cloth, support vine crops, hang baskets or pots
* Simply insert into aluminum profile channel and twist to install
* Kit includes 10 hangers
* Material: Polypropylene
* Free Shipping