Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

Rion - Palram <br> Greenhouse<br> Drip Irrigation Kit
Rion - Palram
Drip Irrigation Kit
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Rion - Palram <br> Greenhouse<br> Drip Irrigation Kit
Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit

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Designed to fit with all Palram - Rion Greenhouses.

Our Drip Irrigation Kit features a sealed pressure regulator, which not only controls the water pressure to the
irrigation hose but also removes sediment from the water.

The dripping regulator then creates an equal and controlled dispersal of water in all of the droppers.
This keeps all of your plants evenly watered and improves overall health.

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The drip irrigation kit includes:
* 10m drip lines
* 16 Droppers
* 3/4" Adapter
* 4 T connectors 4/6mm
* Garden hose attachment with regulator

* Sealed regulating unit reduces water pressure stream
* Dripping regulator - creates a controlled dispersal of water in all droppers
* Keeps plants healthier with constant dripping
* Frame Material: Rubber
* Color: Black
* One Year Warranty

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Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Kit Manual