ELGO - 2 - Dripline Reel System

ELGO <br> Portable<br>  2 - Dripline Reel System
2 - Dripline Reel System
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ELGO <br> Portable<br>  2 - Dripline Reel System
ELGO - Portable 2 - Dripline Reel System

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ELGO is a global leader in the home watering solutions market.

Keep your plants happy and hydrated while conserving water with the unique ELGO Portable 2 Dripline Reel system.

Preassembled and perfect for flower beds and gardens, this dripline features a unique reel which creates a mobile and tidy system that is easily transferred from space to space and stored conveniently between uses. If larger areas are a concern, no worries, it can be connected to multiple ELGO Portable 2 Dripline Reel Systems for expansion.

Each kit includes a reel holder with 2 water supply tubes (50 long each) with drip holes every 12, a pressure regulator, hose connector and 4 mounting spikes. Supporting component hardware included.

Complete watering system in one product
* Using water saving drip-lines pre-rolled on a multi-compartment roller.
* Ready-to-use system, pre-assembled.
* Efficient watering in low pressure (rain water tanks).

Installation and Operation
* Plug-and-play: no design skills required, mistakes-free
* Few minutes to install and move between areas
* Can be stored between usages
* Can be operated automatically during vacations

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