Solar Marine Lantern w/External Switch

Carmanah <br> M650H- 4 NM <br> Solar Marine Lantern<br> External On/Off Switch
M650H- 4 NM
Solar Marine Lantern
External On/Off Switch
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Carmanah <br> M650H- 4 NM <br> Solar Marine Lantern<br> External On/Off Switch
Carmanah - M650H - 4 NM / Solar Marine Lantern (Constant or Flashing)
External On/Off switch

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Available LED colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or White.

Designed for harsh saltwater environments!

The M650H solar marine light LED is available in a Constant or Flashing Mode.
Designed for buoys, harbor entrances, port lighting, hazard marking, offshore oil rigs,
barge lighting, navigation lights, marine docks and piers.

The marine light is compact and maintenance free.
The M650H is capable of up to 60 cd and over a 4 NM range.
Premium grade UV-resistant, polycorbonate/polysiloxane copolymer body and lens material.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection.
The solar marine light complies with the US Coast Guard requirements:

Flashing Mode: Flash codes are listed in the M650 flash code attachment below.
The standard flash code is: 064 / 4 second flash / .5 seconds on - 3.5 seconds off.
Please choose the standard flash code or add a different flash code in the comments section during checkout.
Flash codes are preset prior to shipping.

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* 4 NM Range at Tc=0.85
* IP68 rated
* Automatically turns on at dusk - off at dawn (Constant Mode)
* Designed for harsh Saltwater environments
* Choose between Constant or Flashing Mode
* Battery: Tool-less replaceable and recyclable battery pack with extreme temperature range
* Battery status feedback: Good, Charge, Low or Bad (Replace) including battery voltage
* Adjustable intensity and range
* External On/Off switch / Switched
* Optional Integrated GPS Synchronization (Please call for a quote)
* Free Shipping within the Continental USA
* Global Shipping available, shipping charges would apply
* 24/7 Technical Support: 603-247-0501

Technical Data
* Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection
* Double 0-ring sealing with waterproof vent
* Battery provides charge feedback status
* Configure with on-board user interface, infrared programmer or PC software
* High-efficiency solar cells with bypass and blocking diode function
* Vertical divergence 8 Degrees (FWHM)
* Flash Patterns: 256 plus (Flash Mode) - Flash codes are changeable
* Operating Temperature -45 to 124 F (-43 to 80 C) ambient temperature
* Up to 3 bird deterrents can be installed (One free bird deterrent included)
* Weight 3.5 lb (1.58 kg)
* IR Flash Code Remote (sold separately)
* Three Year Manufacturers Warranty

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