Solar Marine Lantern

Carmanah<br>  M850 - 7 NM <br> Solar Marine Lantern
M850 - 7 NM
Solar Marine Lantern
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Carmanah<br>  M850 - 7 NM <br> Solar Marine Lantern
Carmanah M850 - 7 NM - Solar Marine Lantern

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Available LED colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or White.

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Designed to withstand harsh saltwater environments.

The M850 combines a compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components and a rugged design
for best-in-class performance at an optimal price. This small format lantern delivers up to 445 cd (IALA peak, white) and can achieve up to 7.5 NM range at T=0.74.

The M850 solar marine light LED is available in a Constant or Flashing Mode. Designed for buoys, harbor entrances, port lighting, hazard marking, offshore oil rigs, barge lighting, navigation lights, marine docks and piers.

The M850 is a self-contained solar powered LED marine lantern. The M850 features high-efficiency solar panels,
combined with a patented energy management system for an extended service life even in harsh environments. Designed with high-quality components and premium materials it is low-maintenance and durable.

The M850 also features an easily replaceable battery that extends the service life beyond five years,
reducing the total cost of ownership. The M850 is perfectly suited as a solar buoy light. Some other common applications include: Port, Dock, and Marina Lighting.

Flashing Mode: Flash codes are listed in the M850 user manual below.
The standard flash code is: 064 / 4 second flash / .5 seconds on - 3.5 seconds off.
Please choose the standard flash code or add a different flash code in the comments section during checkout.
Flash codes are preset prior to shipping.

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* Commercial Grade
* Construction: Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate lens/head
* LED Colors: Red, Green, White, and Yellow
* Flash Patterns: 250 (including steady-on and custom codes)
* Vertical Divergence 8 or 10 (FWHM)
* Programming Programmable with optional infrared programmer
* 60X - cells (60 Wh) Battery Included: Weight: 9.9 lbs
* Battery Life Span: Designed for 5 year battery life; Replaceable and recyclable
* Waterproof vented battery compartment
* Up to 7.5 NM Range (T=0.74)
* Top-mounted, "tap-to-activate" 4-character LED display
* Built-in calendar function; de-activate and re-activate according to seasonal requirements
* Multiple divergences for fixed or floating installations (8 or 10)
* 60 and 90 Wh battery pack options
* Optional Integrated GPS Synchronization (Please call for a quote)
* (5) Stainless steel bird deterrents included
* Free Shipping within the Continental USA
* Global Shipping available, shipping charges would apply
* 24/7 Technical Support: 603-247-0501

* Solar Panel High-efficiency cells
* Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection
* Extreme temperature range
* Operating Temperature -22 to 122 F (-30 to 50 C)
* Storage Temperature -40 to 176 F (-40 to 80 C)
* Weight: Model 60X 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)
* Mounting 3 or 4 bolt 7.87" (200 mm)
* Wind Loading 140 knots (72 m/s)
* Ice Loading 0.03 psi (22 kg/m2)
* Automatic Light Control (ALC) when enabled
* Ingress IP 68
* MIL-STD-2020G immersion and damp heat cycling
* Mil-STD-810G rain - salt fog
* GPS Synchronization Optional GPS enables two or more lanterns to flash in unison
* Battery Life Span: Designed for 5 year battery life; Replaceable and recyclable
* Compliance: USCG PATON 33CFR66 & CFR67 Class C
UL 2108, CSA C22.2 No.250.0, RoHS, WEEE

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Carmanah M850 User Manual

Carmanah M850 Specification Data Sheet