Solar LED Dock Light

Taylor <BR> Solar LED Dock Light<br>(2-Pack)
Solar LED Dock Light
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Taylor <BR> Solar LED Dock Light<br>(2-Pack)
Taylor Made Products - Solar LED Dock Light - (2-Pack)

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Designed for Freshwater and Saltwater environments!

Automatically turns on at dusk - off at dawn. Perfect for docks, piers, and marina's.

Solar powered dock light can be easily attached to any flat surface with two 1/4" screws.
Features 4 super bright white LEDs, with a clear plastic housing that offers 360 degree illumination.

Mounts flat to any surface with two 1/4" screws. After fully charging, the solar powered LEDs
have a 6-8 hour runtime. The amount of sunlight greatly effects the duration of runtime,
therefore place the light in a place to maximize sun exposure.

* Waterproof
* Shock resistant
* 360 Degree Illumination
* 4 super bright white LEDs
* Turns on at Dusk - off at Dawn
* Dimensions: 5" diameter x 1 1/2" height
* Manufactured by Taylor Made Products
* One Year Warranty