Barebones Trailblazer Flashlight

Barebones Living <br> Trailblazer Flashlight
Barebones Living
Trailblazer Flashlight
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Barebones Living <br> Trailblazer Flashlight
Barebones Living - Trailblazer Flashlight

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The rugged trailblazer flashlight LED's produce up to 500 lumens of light!

The feature packed Trailblazer Flashlight is perfect for everything from your campground under the
starry sky to your dark storage space under the basement stairs.

Designed for camping, hiking, boating, backpacking, cabins, residential, commercial and all off-grid locations!

The trailblazer has an adjustable head designed to point light in any direction. Tough, lightweight
aluminum-alloy construction that is built-to-last. The Trailblazer features (3) brightness settings
low, medium and high. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and 30" USB cable included.

The USB port on the flashlight has two distinct functions: To charge your flashlight via a USB power source
and to charge small electronic devices.

Whether you’re gardening, cooking, camping or exploring, Barebones products will help you create a more enjoyable
connection with nature and those around you. Elevate life outdoors.

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Product Care
For all battery-powered lights and accessories it is essential that you charge your device once every three months.
If you leave the devices off for an extended period of time without charging them, the batteries will go dead.

* Telescoping Beam
* Battery Life Indicator
* AC adapter included
* Swivel head allows user to adjust beam angle
* LED: 500 Lumens on high beam
* Run Times: 4 hours on high, 80 hours on low
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and 30" USB cable included
* Tough, lightweight aluminum-alloy construction
* Weight: 32 oz / 907 g
* Flashlight Length: 11.9 in
* Light Distance on High: 120 meters or 393 ft

* LED: 6 Watt Cree
* Light Spectrum: 4000 Kelvin
* LED color: White
* Battery Charging: AC or USB Charging 5-6 hrs
* Light Settings: 38 lumens low setting / medium: 245 Lumens / high: 500 lumens
* Battery: 4500 mAH 3.7V 16.5 WH. Lithium Ion
* Telescoping Beam: 114' to 393'
* Battery Charging: 5-6 hrs
* Three settings: low (10%), med (50%), high (100%)

One Year Manufacturing Warranty

Trail Blazer Flashlight User Guide

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