Barebones - 12" Cast Iron Skillet

Barebones Living <br> 12" Cast Iron Skillet
Barebones Living
12" Cast Iron Skillet
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Barebones Living <br> 12" Cast Iron Skillet
Barebones Living - 12" Cast Iron Skillet

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The Cast Iron Collection is inspired by and pays homage to a rich heritage of cast iron cooking.

Say hello to Cast Iron Skillet perfection. Complete with a comfortable grip handle and Barebones Cast Iron Crocks interchangeable lids, itís a skillet you wonít want to go without. Transfer directly to the oven. Savor each flavor.
Love each and every meal.

The flavor produced by cast iron canít be achieved by any other method. The flavors from years of seasoning create a base that blend to produce something magical.

* Ergonomic, heat dispersing, comfort grip handle
* Triple sanded, smooth interior cooking surface
* Dual pour spouts for left or right pouring
* Lids are interchangeable with crocks
* Limited lifetime warranty
* Items Included; One (1) 12" Skillet
* Dimensions: 12.65" x 19.75" x 2.25"

Cast Iron Collections:

The process for forging Barebones cast iron contains no coincidence. Meticulous artistry and craftsmanship meet the durability of our materials and manufacturing process to deliver an unparalleled cast iron cooking experience.

Each piece of cast iron we produce is pre-seasoned with natural, in-season organic oils. And by leaving the surface ever so raw and rugged, the oils are better absorbed, lasting longer and providing a better cooking surface from the very first use. Unlike other cast iron, it isnít necessary to wash or scrub Barebones cast iron before use - we donít use any resins to cover imperfections or impurities. We deliver lasting cast iron pieces that are as naturally beautiful as they are durable.

In our manufacturing process we add a greater portion of steel than other cast iron makers, each piece is better tempered to handle rapid temperature change without the cracking or breaking that typically occurs in more iron-dense products. This also allows our cast iron to be 15% lighter than similar cast iron products, offering smoother handling and a more agile cooking experience.

Barebones Living - Cast Iron Cleaning & Seasoning Instructions

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