Barebones 10" - Cast Iron Cookware

Barebones Living<br> 10" Cast Iron Kit
Barebones Living
10" Cast Iron Kit
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Barebones Living<br> 10" Cast Iron Kit
Barebones Living - 10" Cast Iron Kit

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The Cast Iron Collection is inspired by and pays homage to a rich heritage of cast iron cooking.

Cooking and caring for cast iron has never been easier with our skillet and crock kit. With a locally mixed oil to season with as well as a stainless steel cleaning mesh, and a handmade serving wood trivet you can immerse yourself in the full experience of cast iron.

The flavor produced by cast iron can’t be achieved by any other method. The flavors from years of seasoning create a base that blend to produce something magical. Stainless steel mesh easily cleans cooked on foods while preserving the seasoning and flavor so important to cast iron cooking.

The Barebones Living 10" Cast Iron Set has a lifetime warranty!

* Cast Iron
* Includes skillet, crock, and matching lid, serving trivet
* Organic, high smoke point seasoning paste made locally in Salt Lake City
* Stainless steel cleaning mesh
* Lid is interchangeable between skillet and crock
* Limited lifetime warranty on cast iron

Items Included
* One (1) Cast Iron 10" Skillet
* One (1) Cast Iron 10" Lid
* One (1) Cast Iron 10" Crock
* One (1) Wood Trivet
* One (1) Stainless Steel Cleaning Mesh
* One (1) Tube of seasoning paste


Barebones founder Robert Workman grew up doing cattle drives on his family’s ranch. Even as a young boy who had just learned to ride, he’d set out at dawn to avoid the heat of the day and drive cattle down the path. At that hour, the cattle moved slow as cattle do. The Chuck Wagons would leave camp at the same time and set up where they estimated the drivers would stop for the day. At the end of the drive, all hot and dirty and bone-weary, Robert and his companions would sit down for a meal that tasted like heaven—a meal cooked in a well seasoned cast iron skillet.

Barebones Living - Cast Iron Cleaning & Seasoning Instructions

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