36 Watt - Curb Mount - Solar Attic Vent

36 Watt <BR>Solar Attic Vent<BR>Curb Mount
36 Watt
Solar Attic Vent
Curb Mount
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Natural Light - 36 Watt Curb Mount / Solar Attic Vent

* 25 Year Warranty * Free Shipping *

Available in a powder-coated grey, bronze or black finish.

The 36 watt attic fan can fully air vent up to 2,625 sq. ft. (up to 1,628 CFMs)
The attic fan was designed for residential - commercial applications.
Typically mounted on flat, low sloped or tiled roofs.

The solar attic fan removes attic moisture build-up year-round and ice damming from
snow melt during the winter. Adjustable solar panel mounting bracket included.

No electrical wiring required - ships fully assembled
Housing and Flashing are made from a strong commercial aluminum.

The solar attic fan must be installed on a pre-built curb.
(Prebuilt Curb not included - Please see the installation guide below)

Special Features:
* Motor has been designed to reduce vibration and noise.
* An isolation bracket is used to hold the motor, which creates a smooth, quiet operation.
* Fan blade was manufactured using a non-corrosive aluminum
* The fan interior is well protected by a stainless steel wire mesh screen
* Solar Panel size: 20.12" x 21.25"
* Weight: 35 lbs

25 Year Manufacturers Warranty: The warranty covers the housing, motor and solar panel.

30% federal tax credit on the solar panel portion of the unit as well as all labor costs for its installation.

Curb Mount Installation Guide

Solar Attic Fan Warranty