Solar Sunspotter - Keplerian Telescope

Solar Sunspotter <br>Keplerian Telescope
Solar Sunspotter
Keplerian Telescope
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Solar Sunspotter - Keplerian Telescope

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Use the Sunspotter for viewing the sun, eclipses, transits, and for daily record keeping.
Track sunspots as they appear, move, and vanish.

The wooden Keplerian telescope provides a much safer and convenient way
to view the brilliant light of the sun.

* A fun and very interesting science project!

By using a series of mirrors, the device projects a bright 3.25-inch solar image
onto a 5-inch white viewing screen through a powerful 62mm diameter objective lens.

The Sunspotter can easily be aligned to the sun in seconds.
It's a compact, sturdy and lightweight.

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