Solar Window Heater - Indoor Mount

Solar Window Heater <br>Indoor Mount <br> Single Pane Windows
Solar Window Heater
Indoor Mount
Single Pane Windows
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Solar Window Heater <br>Indoor Mount <br> Single Pane Windows
Solar Infra - Solar Window Heater / Indoor Mount

* One Year Warranty * Free Shipping *

The Solar Window Heater has a revolutionary design!
Using the suns infrared rays and convection, the solar heater will reduce your energy costs.

Our Solar Window Heaters are designed for indoor year-round use.
Perfect for residential homes, offices, cabins, greenhouses, college dorms, cottages, RV's, garages,
sheds, barns and ice fishing houses.

* Zero Carbon Footprint - Go Solar Power!

In full sun the solar heater will provide up to 20 F (11 C) to the ambient temperature,
with a maximum air flow of 75 cubic feet per minute - providing supplementary heat for a 10' x 15' room.

Performance is equivalent to a 150 500 watt electric heater. Depending on glass type and sun exposure.

* Designed for Single Pane Windows
* Hangs from the window woodwork or sits on the window sill
* A 10' x 15' room could see temperature increases up to 20F
* Still provides heat even on cloudy days!
* Translucent - allows 50% of the natural light to pass through
* Quiet solar powered recirculating fan distributes heated air.

How it works:
Place the solar window heater in a window that faces south.
Interior cool air is drawn through the lower air intakes by the solar powered fan.
The metal collector cells are heated by infrared energy from the sun.
Through convection, the air passes through the collectors and retains the barrier heat.
Hot air is pushed back into the room through a vent at the top of the unit by the solar fan.
(On partially cloudy days use the AC adaptor to power the solar fan)

* 18" wide x 48" long x 1" deep.
(The unit will fit shorter length windows, but would overhang on the window sill)
* 7 watt solar panel - solar fan
* Weight: 15 lbs
* 3 Dimensional stacked heat absorbing collectors
* Outside covering is polycarbonate
* Collector material is aluminum steel
* 30 degrees increase over ambient temperature
* 25 CFMs Air Flow
* Noise level is just 32.95db
* Max air temperature increase is 110F
* Solar Collector Infra Red Absorption is 95%
* Number of staged solar collectors is 26
* Plastic Panel Materials are UL94v-0
* Ratings are based on single pane windows

Solar Infra Systems - Solar Window Air Heaters have a One Year Warranty.

We have reduced prices on volume purchases. (4 or more)
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Solar Window Brochure - Specifications

Infra Solar Window Heaters - Operating Instructions - Mounting Guide.pdf

Solar window heater YouTube video demo:

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