Solar Window Heater - Indoor Mount

Solar Window Heater <br>Indoor Mount <br> Single Pane Windows
Solar Window Heater
Indoor Mount
Single Pane Windows
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Solar Window Heater <br>Indoor Mount <br> Single Pane Windows
Solar Window Heater - Indoor Mount

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The Solar Window Heater has a revolutionary design!
Using the suns infrared rays and convection, the solar heater will reduce your energy costs.

Our Solar Window Heaters are designed for indoor year-round use.
Perfect for residential homes, offices, cabins, greenhouses, college dorms, cottages, RV's, garages,
sheds, barns and ice fishing houses.

* Zero carbon footprint, a green product that does not consume fossil fuels, only the suns energy.

In full sun the solar heater will provide up to 20 F (11 C) to the ambient temperature,
with a maximum air flow of 75 cubic feet per minute - providing supplementary heat for a 10' x 15' room.

Performance is equivalent to a 150 500 watt electric heater. Depending on glass type and sun exposure.

* Designed for Single Pane Windows
* Hangs from the window woodwork or sits on the window sill
* A 10' x 15' room could see temperature increases up to 20F
* Still provides heat even on cloudy days!
* Translucent - allows 50% of the natural light to pass through
* Quiet solar powered recirculating fan distributes heated air

* 18" wide x 48" long x 1" deep.
(The unit will fit shorter length windows, but would overhang on the window sill)
* 7 watt solar panel - solar fan
* Weight: 15 lbs
* 3 Dimensional stacked heat absorbing collectors
* Outside covering is polycarbonate
* Collector material is aluminum steel
* 30 degrees increase over ambient temperature
* 25 CFMs Air Flow
* Noise level is just 32.95db
* Max air temperature increase is 110F
* Solar Collector Infra Red Absorption is 95%
* Number of staged solar collectors is 26
* Plastic Panel Materials are UL94v-0
* Ratings are based on single pane windows

Solar Infra Systems - Solar Window Air Heaters have a One Year Warranty.

Solar Window Brochure - Specifications

Infra Solar Window Heaters - Operating Instructions - Mounting Guide.pdf

Solar window heater YouTube video demo:

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