Solar Window Heater - Indoor Mount

Solar Infra Systems<br> Solar Window Heater <br>Single Pane Windows<br> Indoor Mount
Solar Infra Systems
Solar Window Heater
Single Pane Windows
Indoor Mount
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Solar Infra Systems<br> Solar Window Heater <br>Single Pane Windows<br> Indoor Mount
Solar Infra - Solar Window Heater / Indoor Mount

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Designed for single pane windows / Indoor use only. The solar window heater has a revolutionary design!
Using the suns infrared rays and convection, the solar heater will reduce your energy costs.
Stand on the interior window sill or hang from the window header (Easel stand for sliding glass doors).

The solar air heater will add up to 20F (11C) to the ambient room temperature (10' x 15' room - 150 sq. ft.)
Maximum air flow at 75 CFM. Designed to provide supplementary heat.

Top-rated for performance and quality. Lower your monthly heating bills - Go Solar Power!
Equivalent to a 300500 Watt electric heater (varies due to available sunlight).

Perfect for residential homes, offices, cabins, greenhouses, college dorms, cottages, RV's,
garages, sheds, barns and ice fishing houses.

* 18" W x 48" L x 2" D
* 12-Volt / 7-Watt solar panel operates the quiet recirculation fan
* Weight: 15 lbs
* 26 - 3-Dimensional stacked aluminum steel collectors
* Clear, fireproof polycarbonate casing
* UL94V-0 Approved
* Provides heat even on cloudy days!
* Window-mounting hardware included
* Translucent - allows 50% of the natural light to pass through
* The easel stand in the picture is not included (sold separately)
* Designed for indoor use with non-tinted single pane windows
* The 2015 models have been re-designed and do not come with an AC adaptor and fan speed knob.

One Year Manufacturers Warranty

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