Solar Powered Air Heater

SolarSheat 1500GS <br> Solar Air Heater <br> Wall Mount <br> (40F Increase)
SolarSheat 1500GS
Solar Air Heater
Wall Mount
(40F Increase)
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SolarSheat 1500GS <br> Solar Air Heater <br> Wall Mount <br> (40F Increase)
Your Solar Home - SolarSheat 1500GS - Solar Air Heater - Wall Mount

* No Sales Tax * 5 Year Warranty * Commercial Grade *

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The self contained solar air heater will add up to 40F to the ambient room temperature (28' x 28' room).

The Solar Air Heater has a revolutionary design! Using the suns infrared rays and convection. Top-rated for performance and quality. This is a commercial grade Solar Air Heater! The rugged frame can withstand high wind loads up to 100 mph. All aluminum grade construction with durable black powder-coated finish.

Designed for supplemental room heating. Save up to 30% of space heating costs! The SolarSheat can be wall or roof mounted. The system comes standard with wall-mounting hardware. Installation is easy with assembly manual included. Each SolarSheat solar thermal collector comes with a durable 4mm Tempered glass covering. The tempered glass will not chip, fade nor shatter.

Perfect for residential homes, commercial applications. cabins, cottages, RVs, garages, barns, sheds, chicken coops, ice fishing shacks and all off-grid locations! The SolarSheet 1500GS Kit includes all parts and material needed for installation. Designed for harsh environments including wind, rain and snow.

The solar panel must be in direct sunlight to activate the DC fan assembly. Still provides heat even on partially cloudy days! The SolarSheat is a self contained solar thermal air space heating system. It uses air from the home and recirculates it back through the collector and returns the warm air back into the house. The warm air is returned back into the home by a solar electric powered fan.

Note: The SolarSheat 1500GS is professionally hand crafted and built to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Solar Tax Credit: You may be eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credits when you purchase and install a solar air heater. Please visit the following U.S. Government website for details:

* 5 Year Warranty
* Expected Lifespan: 20 years
* Heats a space up to 750 sq. ft. (28' x 28' room)
* 40F increased temperature:
* Tempered glass 4mm
* 20 Watt PV cell solar panel
* Wall Thermostat
* Rust - Mildew Resistant
* Installation: Wall Mount
* Aluminum grade construction with durable black powder-coated finish
* Rugged frame can withstand high windloads up to (100mph)
* Can save up to 30% on your monthly heating bill
* SolarSheat Dimensions: 43.15" wide x 87" long x 4" depth
* Solar Panel is detached w/8' lead
* 24/7 Technical hotline: 603-247-0501

Technical Specifications
* Manufacturer: Your Solar Home
* Ship Weight 100.0 lbs
* Watts 1,000
* Heating Capability (sq. ft.) 750
* Air Delivery (CFM) 120
* BTU Output 3,450
* Air Output up to 90F
* Can be turned off in hot weather
* Expected Lifespan: 20 years
* Solar thermal Insulation R4 (interior)
* Material Powder-coat aluminum extrusion, 4mm tempered glass
* Manufacturer: Your Solar Home - Designed and Manufactured in Canada

* Due to packaging constraints the SolarSheat 1500GS Kit will ship using a certified motor freight carrier
* Shipping charges will be applied during checkout
* Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery
* Truck delivery w/ Hydraulic Lift Gate
* Signature required

Solar Air Heater Kit Includes:
* SolarSheat 1500GS air collector
* 20 Watt PV cell solar panel
* Wall Thermostat
* Wall Mounting hardware
* Fan, collars, and filter
* Wire, screws , harness and sensor
* Foam gaskets and grills
* Snap lock duct
* Assembly Manual

SolarSheat Customer Reviews - Testimonials

Solar Air Collector - How it works.
The solar air collector is a self contained unit with no moving parts. The collector has (1) Intake Valve and (1) Output Valve. Two small 5" diameter holes are drilled into the exterior wall. The two holes align with the air collectors intake/ output valves.
The fan assembly sits flush in the wall and mounts in front of the output valve. When the sun hits the solar panel it activates the fan. The fan pulls the cool room air from the intake valve and over the collectors interior. The fan pulls - pushes the heated air back into the room through the output valve.

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SolarSheat 1500GS - Technical Specification Data Sheet

SolarSheat 1500GS - Wall Installation Manual

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