Patron 18E - 3 Phase - 240V / 47 Amps - Electric Heater

Patron 18E-3  <br> 240V - 47 Amps / 3 Phase <br> Electric Heater <br> 65,000 BTU/Hr
Patron 18E-3
240V - 47 Amps / 3 Phase
Electric Heater
65,000 BTU/Hr
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Patron 18E-3  <br> 240V - 47 Amps / 3 Phase <br> Electric Heater <br> 65,000 BTU/Hr
Patron 18E - 3 Phase - 240V / 47 Amps - Electric Heater

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The Safest and Most Reliable Portable Heater in North America!

Patron E Series fan-forced electric heaters set the standard for heavy-duty portable electric heat.
They feature rugged construction, a powder coated steel housing, and a high quality sealed motor.

Each unit is equipped with overheat protection and stays cool even when the heater is running.
They are capable of a very quick and high temperature rise, with the industrial-grade fan
distributing warm air powerfully.

Patron heaters feature the strongest fans possible in a "cannon" style heat chamber, to ensure
maximum air circulation. You can expect a more even rise in temperature through an entire room, rather
than just a small part of the room (as is most "space heaters"). They feature the most advanced heating
elements (coils) on the market! Each element is coated in Magnesium, then enclosed in a stainless steel jacket.

The Patron E18-3 is a heavy duty commercial shop grade electric heater. Designed for Building Construction,
Curing Concrete, Warming Workers, Thawing Pipes/Equipment, Garage/Shop Heating, Warehouses, Industrial Applications, Drying-Ventilation, Emergency Heat and Disaster Relief.

It can operate on 208V or 240V. There are four heat settings: Fan only for ventilation, 13kW, or 18kW.
This heavy-duty units boasts 65,000 BTU/Hr in its 18kW state, and has a 590 CFM fan.

* Integrated ambient thermostat from 32F 100F
* Works on 208V
* Overheat protection at 104F
* Powder-coated durable steel housing
* Housing Color: Green
* Stainless jacketed heating coils
* Fast, high temperature rise with uni-directional fan
* User-friendly and proven reliability
* UL Approved
* No Exhaust, No ventilation required
* No odors
* Green - environmentally friendly

* BTU/Hr: 65,000
* Watts: 18,000
* Volts / Amps 240V / 47A
* Phase: 3PH
* Modes Fan Only: 13kW / 31A - 18kW / 47A
* Thermostat: 32F 100F
* Airflow: 590 CFM
* Weight: 62 LBS * L x W x H - 32" x 14" x 20"
* Power Cord: Not Supplied
* Plug Type: Not Supplied
* Decibel Rating: 58 dB(A) 1m
* Max Cord Length: 50-ft (6AWG, 4-wire, SOOW) / 100-ft (4AWG, 4-wire, SOOW)

Two Tear Manufacturer Warranty!

Patron 18E Product Manual

Patron E Series Specifications

BTU Calculator: Please note that this calculator can only gauge a rough BTU estimate.
The room size, ceiling height, insulation and temperature rise desired all play a critical role.