Mayday Two Way Radio

MayDay <br> Two Way Radio
Two Way Radio
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MayDay <br> Two Way Radio
Mayday Two Way Radio

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The Wind N Go 2-way radio is more than just a walkie talkie. It has 22 channels available.

Comes with 2-way radio plus 2-LED flashlight. The 2-way radio comes with hand crack for emergency power.

It is not just for communication it is also a light. It is also great for communication during a recreational activities.

It is a must have for any emergency preparedness kit. Designed for camping, hiking, backpacking, emergencies
and any off grid location!

Two Way Radios
* Includes (2) Walkie-Talkies
* Weight 1.05 lbs.
* Portable - low profile
* 1-3 Miles in obstructed areas in and around buildings
* 10 miles in open land/water
* 22 Channels
* One Year Warranty